Vserver and GDPR

1. Firewalls need to be put in place in businesses
2. Data in transit needs to be encrypted end to end with a vpn or ssl
3. Data backup is manditatory
4. Need to know where data is being held
5. No security concerns for physical server as server is now on a server partition secured in cabinet in a tier 1 data centre
Vserver have no access to the data stored on our client’s servers. We only have access to a restart control panel.

As standard practice. Vserver issues all our clients with a data protection procedures handbook. Following this handbook will assist our clients in complying with General data Protection Regulation.

Secure Virtualisation

How Secure is our system?

We use Cisco firewalls to create a site to site Virtual Private Network

secure Virtual serverWe use Cisco firewalls to create a site to site VPN, (virtual private network). This ensures that your server is secured with military grade encryption (AES 256Bit). With this in place you can securely access your server from anywhere in the world. With traditional cloud offerings your server is open to the internet and you don’t know where your data is stored.